Press release

DTL is a non-contact, optical lithography offering a practical blend of precision patterning and low-cost scalability for nanofabrication. With a substantial 140x140mm2 exposure field, an extensive depth of focus (100s of microns), and the capability to pattern high-resolution 1D and 2D structures, DTL presents a reliable solution to the evolving needs of diverse photonic markets.

This technology has many advantages; such as seamless device exposures within the large exposure field, ability to pattern on non-planar substrates, and mask-locked design control, ensuring pitch accuracy down to an extraordinary 2 picometers. Tools are available in UV or DUV resolutions, around 60nm minimum half pitch. Eulitha offers customizable platforms, ranging from research-focused manual tools to high-volume production systems.

Leveraging the semiconductor industry’s maturity, DTL integrates seamlessly with industry-standard masks, resists, and downstream processing methods, ensuring compatibility and ease of adoption into existing manufacturing.

Eulitha is not just a lithography equipment provider, but a solutions partner. The company’s team of experts collaborates closely with customers, tailoring patterning solutions to meet unique product specifications. Eulitha’s DTL tools offer a cost-effective and scalable solution capable of meeting the photonic market’s patterning requirements.

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