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Eulitha’s vision is to become the pre-eminent solution provider for increasing performance and efficiency of photonic devices through innovative nano-lithography technologies. Provide innovative nano-lithography solutions that unleash the potential of photonic devices through increasing their performance and efficiency.

Our company runs on passion. It is the energy that fuels our commitment and dedication. Passion brings enthusiasm to our work, inspires creativity, and drives us to exceed our own expectations.
Respect is the backbone of our interactions and fosters a harmonious workplace. We value each individual’s contribution and treat everyone with dignity and fairness. This mutual respect creates a positive environment that fosters collaboration and understanding.
Innovation is key to our success. It drives us to explore new solutions, challenge the status quo and stay ahead in the dynamic business landscape. Our commitment to innovation ensures continued growth and adaptability.
We are committed to diversity, embracing different perspectives and backgrounds. This rich tapestry of experiences and ideas fosters a more inclusive, creative and effective team. Our commitment to diversity strengthens our organization and improves problem-solving and decision-making.
Excellence is our ultimate goal. It reflects our unwavering commitment to deliver the highest quality in everything we do. By striving for excellence, we not only achieve our goals, but also set new industry standards and drive continuous improvement.
Founded in 2006.
In the canton Aargau of Switzerland. Its founders have led the development of Extreme Ultraviolet Interference Technology at the Paul Scherrer Institute. Having entered the market with products based on its EUV technology, Eulitha has expanded its range of products with the addition of state-of-the-art electron beam lithography technology to its capabilities.
In 2010.
Eulitha announced the breakthrough PHABLE™ technology, which greatly simplifies production of periodic nanostructures over wafer scale areas. The company has a global customer base of researchers from industrial and academic laboratories. Backed by private Swiss equity Eulitha serves its growing number of customers from two locations in Kirchdorf and the Paul Scherrer Institute.
Our Expertise.
Eulitha, a pioneer in nanofabrication solutions, offers a suite of innovative technologies, notably the PHABLE (PHOTONICS ENABLER) and Displacement Talbot Lithography (DTL). These solutions propel the company to the forefront of nanofabrication, transforming industries that demand precision and repeatability.
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