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Eulitha offers lithography as a service for its customers who require high resolution patterning services for a variety of reasons. We offer our services to develop a new manufacturing process for an existing product or an entirely new product using Eulitha’s lithographic solutions. Our service covers the entire lithographic process cycle starting from the design of a mask to printing and characterization of the desired pattern.
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The company’s lithography service business provides cutting-edge solutions for patterning structures at the nanoscale. They employ state-of-the-art technologies such as electron beam lithography (EBL) and laser interference lithography (LIL) to achieve exceptional precision and resolution in the fabrication of nanostructures. Eulitha’s lithography services cater to a wide range of applications including semiconductors, optics, biomedical devices, and more.


As a developer of novel lithographic methods and systems Eulitha has leading competence in all steps of the lithographic printing process. Our staff has experience in all such steps including optical exposure, ebeam exposure, data preparation, mask design, optical simulations, photoresist materials, coating, etching, SEM and AFM characterization. In addition, Eulitha operates a demonstration lab with Phable exposure tools in the UV and DUV range as well as other processing and characterization equipment.


We use our strong background and capabilities to serve our customer’s needs for custom patterning services. This is done in close cooperation with our customers with a sharp focus on applying the most effective state-of-the-art solutions to address the customer’s requirements. Our team of experienced engineers and scientists ensure the highest quality standards are met, providing customers with reliable and reproducible results. We offer short cycle times and open, straightforward communication.

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Application Validation (Demolab).

Eulitha utilizes its unique PHABLE lithography technology to validate new prototypes and applications in photonics. The goal is to enable our customers to evaluate the suitability of our solutions to their manufacturing problems in a fast and efficient way. The process takes full advantage of our leading human and equipment resources.


Eulitha’s Application Validation, also known as our Demolab service, expedites the validation of new production processes and products using our PHABLE technology. The process typically starts with understanding the customer’s patterning requirements for their particular application. Eulitha’s engineering and research teams experienced in various application areas then develop and test production strategies in close collaboration with customers’ teams. Typically, parts of the process, especially those involving lithographic exposures, are performed at Eulitha labs whereas other parts especially those involving final device integration and testing are performed at customer’s premises. Eulitha partners with other important players in the lithography space, such as photoresist and mask manufacturers to provide access to the state-of-the-art solutions in the field.

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Custom Nano Patterning.

Eulitha offers Ebeam patterning services to academic and industrial customers for either direct use in experiments and devices or for production of replication templates.

Typical production cycle involves the following steps:

  1. Specification of customer requirements, e.g. substrate, pattern layout, resolution, feature height and profile.
  2. Proposal from Eulitha including alternative approaches in consideration of quality, cost and manufacturability.
  3. Transfer of substrates and layout files (if applicable) from customer to Eulitha.
  4. Pattern realization through Ebeam exposure including any pattern transfer steps, e.g. etching.
  5. Characterization (e.g. SEM, optical microscopy).

Our capabilities

  • Leading expertise on silicon and quartz Nanoimprint template production.
  • Feature sizes (resolution) down to 50nm.
  • State-of-the art 100kV Ebeam exposures.
  • Leading experience on Ebeam writing strategies to maximize throughput and optimize pattern fidelity.
  • Choice of Ebeam resists to fit the application requirements.
  • Up to 6” round, and 5” square substrates.
  • Optional anti-adhesion coating and dicing services.
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