Eulitha has a special announcement recognizing one of the great innovators in our field, Francis Clube.

As our Chief Optics Engineer since the beginning days of Eulitha, Francis has contributed immensely to the development of our unique photolithography techniques and associated tools which are now in widespread use in both research and production facilities around the world. In recognition of these we are delighted to announce the promotion of Francis to the position of Eulitha Fellow.

Francis has had an exceptional tenure in the fields of holography and photolithography, starting his career at GEC-Marconi in the UK on development of holographic head-up displays. He later continued his innovative work as Chief Scientist at Holtronic Technologies in Switzerland and as Senior Manager at Samsung Electronics in Korea. He joined Eulitha in 2009 leading the design and development of the optics for our PhableR, PhableX, and PhableS systems. At the same time, he has also been a prolific inventor and IP manager helping establish our company’s substantial IP portfolio on many aspects of lithographic technology and its applications.

Francis is renowned for his exceptional problem-solving skills and meticulous thinking. He has consistently delivered solutions which have stood the test of time. His optical designs have not only enhanced the performance and reliability of our tools but have also advanced the state of the art in the industry. His meticulous attention to detail and rigorous approach ensures that the resulting designs translate seamlessly into tangible products, delivering outstanding results.

As Francis assumes the role of Eulitha Fellow, his wealth of knowledge and experience will continue to guide and inspire our team. His legacy of accomplishments and expertise will be invaluable in mentoring future generations and driving further advancements in our field. Please join us in congratulating Francis. We are deeply grateful for the lasting impact that he has made!