Reliable lithography and the ability to measure device pattern accuracy is especially key for manufacturing Augmented Reality waveguides, which require precise design control and scalable metrology. Designs typically require large-area, seamless gratings that have very tight pitch and line orientation specifications for both frontside and backside structures, as well as clocking between the two sides. The pattern accuracy should be consistent across wafer and repeatable with no temporal effects. 

The technology behind DTL’s tight pitch control is it’s mask-locked image generation. Without reduction or magnification optics, the transferred pattern is an exact translation of the mask. Meaning, the accuracy of the mask dictates the accuracy of the pattern and the full active area of the mask remains the full exposure field.  

The results presented in this test report showcase for the first time the proof of DTL’s exceptional across-substrate pitch control with OptoFidelity’s scalable waveguide optical metrology system. 

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