Eultiha’s lithography solutions play a crucial role in production of waveguide combiners required in AR, VR and MR applications. It enables fabrication of high precision periodic nanostructures on waveguides, which makes it possible to project high-resolution, colorful images into user’s view. Eulitha’s lithography technology’s unique precision and scalability make them a key enabler in the development and production of advanced optical components for these cutting-edge technologies.
Near-Eye Waveguides.

Near-eye (wearable) AR/VR/MR devices are emerging as a revolutionary technology that promises to change the way we access, view and use digital content. These devices are often based on waveguide combiners that allow the projection of the content directly into the user's field of view, creating immersive and interactive visual experiences.

Waveguide combiners often have structures called Surface Relief Gratings (SRG) that diffract light in certain ways to couple light into and out of the waveguide and to manipulate it in other ways to form a useful  image visible to the user. Our PHABLE lithography technology enables industrial printing of such SRGs with high throughput and at low cost. The high precision of Eulitha’s printing technique ensures high performance in terms of image resolution and clarity.

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Head-up Displays (HUD).

Head-up Displays (HUDs) are innovative devices that project information directly into the user's field of view, eliminating the need to look away or refocus on separate screens. Unlike near-eye displays they are usually placed at a larger distance to the user’s eyes and typically mounted on some external support. HUDs typically display data, such as speed, navigation directions, or vital information, on a transparent panel which does not block the normal view of the user. This technology originated in the aerospace industry but has now expanded to various sectors, including automotive and wearable devices. HUDs enhance safety and convenience by providing crucial information without distracting users from their primary tasks. With advancements in augmented reality, HUDs are evolving to incorporate more interactive and immersive features. Waveguide combiners based on Surface Relief Gratings are a promising technology to produce high performance and compact HUDs. Waveguide combiners based on Surface Relief Gratings are a promising technology to produce high performance and compact HUDs. Eulitha’s technology is particularly suitable for production of HUDs due to its ability to print large area gratings required for these devices.

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