Color/Visual Effect
Lithography technology is utilized in enhancing the visual appeal structural colors on devices, for instance on diamonds. Through techniques such as provided by Eulitha’s lithography technology, intricate patterns can be etched onto surfaces e.g. diamond, creating unique optical effects. This process can manipulate light reflection and refraction, increasing sparkle and brilliance, or generating specific design features.
Structural Colors.

Structural colors are colors produced not by pigments, but by the physical structures of a material. These structures, often on a microscopic or nanoscopic scale, interact with light in a way that they selectively reflect certain wavelengths, causing the perception of color. This is seen in nature, for instance, in peacock feathers or butterfly wings. Structural coloration has several advantages over pigment-based colors, including higher resistance to fading and the ability to produce iridescent and metallic effects. Advances in nanotechnology and lithography are enabling the creation of artificial structural colors, opening up new possibilities in fields like textile design, display technology, and anti-counterfeiting measures.

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Security Applications.

Eulitha’s Lithography technology, plays an integral part of microfabrication, which is increasingly used in security applications as welll. It enables intricate designs on a microscale, vital for creating advanced security features. One area is in the production of highly sophisticated holograms on identity cards, passports, and banknotes, making counterfeiting much more difficult. Additionally, Eulitha’s lithography solution has found utility in nanotechnology-based security systems. It's used to fabricate micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) for biometric identification and miniature sensors in surveillance applications. Its precision and scalability make Eulitha’s solution essential for high-security applications, fostering safety in an ever-increasing digital world.

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